BodyMed® Gel Cold Packs
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BodyMed® Gel Cold Packs


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Soothe Soreness with Targeted Cold Therapy

Professional-grade cold therapy is here with BodyMed Gel Cold Packs! Featuring a thinner design, these durable, pliable cold packs provide reliable cold therapy comfort on target. Recommended for comfort from muscle and joint stiffness and back, shoulder, neck, and knee discomfort. Soothe out sore muscles and joints with convenient Gel Cold Packs!

Gel cold packs feature:

  • PVC Interior/Nylon Exterior Cover
  • Gel Interior
  • Double Seam

Deluxe Comfort
This high-quality cold compress features a smooth Nylon cover that is gentle on the body so you can soothe in comfort!

Easy to Clean
Simply hand wash the gel cold pack with a damp cloth and mild soap or detergent. Then allow the pack to fully air dry before use.

Cold Comfort Anytime
These gel packs offer you premium cold comfort anytime, anywhere. Use for injuries, post-workout recovery, and rehab.

Premium Stay-Cool Design!
BodyMed’s professional cold packs feature an internal PVC layer to keep the inner gel colder longer and an external Nylon cover for a soft-touch feel. The pack’s gel stays pliable when frozen so you can form the pack to the area you need for the recommended amount of cryotherapy.

Target Specific Body Parts
Each BodyMed Gel Cold Pack targets specific parts of the body with its contoured shapes. Available in Standard (14" x 11"), Half Size (12" x 7"), Neck Contour (21" x 6"), and Oversize (21" x 11")

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