BodyMed® Cervical Over The Door Neck Traction Device

BodyMed® Cervical Over The Door Neck Traction Device


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Simple Stretching That Works

The BodyMed Cervical Traction Device is designed for simple stretching of the head and neck whenever you need it. This head halter device works by gently pulling the head and neck to stretch the spine, allowing for decompression to occur. This decompression can help increase blood flow, increase neck and shoulder mobility, promote oxygenation, and decrease discomfort.

Potential Uses
As designed, the BodyMed Cervical Traction Device may be used to do the following:

  • Help with neck spasms
  • Soothe stiff neck
  • Promote correct posture
  • Support proper alignment
  • Aid in decompression
  • Support the back & spine

Quick, Convenient, & Easy to Use
The BodyMed Cervical Traction device makes it easy to have a physical therapy session at home, in the office, or while traveling. Its compact design allows for improved portability so you can experience comfort wherever you are!

The one-size-fits-most head halter features foam padding to keep you comfortable during your therapy to help promote recovery.

No Tools Necessary
This over-the-door traction device does not require any tools, making assembly a breeze. Simply install over a door to begin use anytime, anywhere!

Vinyl Weight Bag
Included with this neck stretcher set is a vinyl weight bag that features a graduate scale up to 20 lb.

All-In-One Cervical Traction Kit
Jumpstart your rehab at home with this cervical traction kit from BodyMed! It has everything you need for easy over-the-door traction treatments, allowing you to get started immediately.

At-Home Therapy Made Simple
Enjoy rehab therapy at home with the BodyMed Cervical Traction Device. Be sure to consult your physician on appropriate therapy guidelines when using this over-the-door device, including the amount of force to use for your needs.

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