BodyMed® Disposable Face Cradle Covers

BodyMed® Disposable Face Cradle Covers


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Comfortable, Protective and Easy to Use

Protect Your Clients & Practice
BodyMed Disposable Face Cradle Covers protect your massage table or massage chair headrest while increasing your client’s level of comfort. These super soft, absorbent, and disposable cushion covers also protect your headrest from bacteria, unsanitary oils, makeup, and stains. Designed to fit neatly and securely on your headrest, the BodyMed face cradle covers further enhance the massage experience.

  • Sold 100/pack

BodyMed Disposable Face Cradle Covers are a convenient replacement for cotton or flannel covers that require regular laundering.

BodyMed Disposable Face Cradle Covers for massage chairs or tables protect your clients from contamination and your table or chair upholstery from dirt and oils that can lead to deterioration.

These disposable face cushion covers feel soft against the skin, maximizing client comfort and enabling them to more fully relax.

Thick enough to provide reliable protection, these medical-grade face cradle covers also conform to the shape of nearly any headrest or face rest cushion.


Portable & Easy to Use
These flat, disposable face cradle covers come in a convenient pack of 100 that is easy to store and transport.

Additional Features

  • Ultra soft
  • Non-sticking
  • Medical grade
  • Durable
  • Hypo-allergenic

Perfect for Your Practice
The BodyMed Disposable Face Cradle Covers are designed for use with a massage chair at your practice or on the go. With this resealable pack of face cradle covers, you can efficiently move from one appointment to the next.

Disposable & Ultra Soft
Stock your practice with best-in-value face cradle covers from BodyMed. These disposable sheets are designed to provide protection and comfort to clients. 

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BodyMed Disposable Cradle Cover - Ease and Protection
BodyMed Disposable Cradle Cover - Convenient
BodyMed Disposable Cradle Cover - Protective Coverage

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