BodyMed® Ring Cushion

BodyMed® Ring Cushion

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Sit in Comfort

Help prevent strains to the hip and back with the BodySport Ring Cushion. Made of molded foam, this seat cushion comfortably conforms to the contours of the body, cradling the hips and the coccyx to prevent discomfort.


  • Molded foam cushion
  • Hip & back support
  • Removable, washable cover made of polyester/cotton
  • Designed for sitting
  • Suitable for use on car seats and in chairs
  • Ideal for those recovering from back injuries and injuries to the hips or coccyx, or tailbone
  • Available in Small (14" diameter), Medium (16" diameter), and Large (18" diameter)

Removable, Washable Cover
The Ring Cushion features a blue removable polyester/cotton cover that is washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh.

Innovative Design
The molded foam’s innovative design is comfortable for everyday use and is recommended by orthopedic doctors for use by patients with injuries to the coccyx. The center hole is proportionate to the size of the cushion.

On-The-Go Comfort
Lightweight and portable, this donut pillow is suitable for use wherever you are—at home, in a car, on a plane, or even on benches!

Designed for Recovery & Rehabilitation
Because it conforms to the contours of the body, the BodySport Ring Cushion should be used by those recovering from injuries to the back and to the coccyx. This orthopedic pillow can also be used as a preventive measure by the elderly and by the disabled or as a rehabilitation tool by those recovering from operations on the back and those sensitive to back injuries and discomfort. 

All-Day Support
Designed for improved comfort, the durable 3" thick molded foam helps provide all-day support for the back and coccyx, so you can stay active.

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