BodyMed® Premium Hand Therapy Putty - Medium

BodyMed® Premium Hand Therapy Putty - Medium


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Premium Hand Therapy Putty - Medium Features

Premium Hand Therapy Putty has been used for years by therapists to increase the manual dexterity of clients in performing manual tasks. This putty is pliable and soft and comes in a variety of densities and colors. The hand putty is fun to use, making it ideal for pediatric use and for older patients as well. It can be molded into any shape and increases the strength of hands and fingers. This putty is latex-free, unscented and very clean. It is non-toxic if ingested and non-oily as well. It is available in different colors signifying different resistance levels, so it is easy to keep track of a client's progress. Premium Hand Therapy Putty increases tactile input while keeping things fun. This is why it is ideal for children to use. Rehabilitative medicine also uses this putty to restore patients' hand and finger strength.
  • Non-toxic, non-oily, clean and unscented.
  • Ideal for pediatric patients and for rehabilitation medicine.
  • Comes in different colors (green, red and yellow) and different resistances.

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