BodyMed® Leg Positioning Support

BodyMed® Leg Positioning Support

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BodyMed® Leg Positioning Support

Stabilizes the Legs During Sleep

The BodyMed Leg Positioning Support is a knee pillow designed to stabilize the user's legs during sleep. The cushion's hourglass shape fits between the legs providing a contoured, comfortable fit. This BodyMed knee pillow straps to the user's legs so it moves as they turn or roll over during the night. With this support, there is no reason to lose sleep due to leg soreness or misalignment.

Provides Support

The BodyMed Leg Positioning Support is strapped to the user's legs while they sleep, so it moves with them to provide support and relief.

Designed for Comfort

The hourglass shape of this BodyMed knee pillow fits between the legs for greater comfort while users sleep.

Supports Spinal Alignment

Promote a more restful night's sleep with this knee pillow that helps to support spinal alignment and posture.

Easy to Use

The BodyMed Leg Positioning Support helps you maintain proper contour of the user's legs while they sleep, work, or relax.

Use This Knee Pillow While

  • Sleeping
  • Watching TV
  • Sitting at a desk

Therapeutic Benefits

This knee pillow is designed to support an injured leg while sleeping. By helping to keep the spine in alignment while users sleep, the BodyMed Leg Positioning Support provides therapeutic benefits for many areas of the body. Size 10" x 8" x 6".

Great for Daily Use

This plush knee pillow from BodyMed is covered in a soft material to provide all-night comfort. The BodyMed Leg Positioning Support maintains its shape so users can use it daily.

Best-In-Value Products

For more than a decade, BodyMed has been providing healthcare professionals with reliable, affordable products for patient care and clinic operations. BodyMed is synonymous with quality and cost-effective utility, which is why you'll find BodyMed products in clinics across the country.

  • Cost-effective, reliable products
  • Designed for patient care and clinic operations
  • Ideal for healthcare professionals

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