BodyMed® Knee CPM Pad Kit

BodyMed® Knee CPM Pad Kit


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Knee CPM Pad Kit Features

The BodyMed® Knee CPM Pad Kit and BodyMed® Shoulder CPM Kit are man-made durable fleece pads with Velcro® straps to ensure comfort and proper positioning during knee or shoulder replacement physical therapy. The BodyMed® Knee Pad Kit is designed to fit most OptiFlex, Kinetec and Breg CPM (continuous passive motion) machines; the Shoulder CPM Kit works with Centura machines. CPM machines are a proven way to reduce pain and swelling, increase range of motion, prevent adhesions, reduce muscle and joint stiffness, and lessen the risk of developing blood clots following surgery. The BodyMed® Knee CPM Pad Kit and Shoulder CPM Kit enhance, optimize and speed the healing process.
  • Enhances physical therapy and rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery.
  • Ensures proper positioning during CPM therapy.
  • Knee Pad Kit is available in 3 models: One that fits OptiFlex machines, another that fits Danniger, Kinetec and Breg Machines, and the universal model.
  • Pads constructed of man-made fleece material with Velcro® straps.

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