BodyMed® Heated Mattress Pad
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BodyMed® Heated Mattress Pad


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Customizable Comfort for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Experience the best in therapeutic comfort with the high-quality BodyMed® Heated Mattress Pad with Skirt! Designed to fit a Queen-sized mattress, this heated mattress cover features a plush, quilted design and helps protect the mattress while offering soothing heat. Washable, lightweight, and breathable, experience the best combination of comfort, relaxation, and affordability with the BodyMed Heated Mattress Pad with Skirt.

Additional Features

  • Plush, quilted, heated mattress topper.
  • Dual-control temperature system.
  • Protects the mattress.
  • Fitted to the bed with a skirt.
  • Size: Queen.
  • Dimensions: 60 in. x 80 in. (152 cm x 203 cm).
  • Controllers: 2.
  • Heat Settings: 8.
  • Auto Shutoff: 1–2–10 hr. duration sessions.
  • Cord Length: 9.4 ft. (2.9 m).
  • Detachable connector.
  • Machine washable.
  • ETL certified.
  • UL certified.

Personalize Your Comfort!
The BodyMed Heated Mattress Pad includes a dual-control temperature system to customize the heat on both sides of the bed. Each controller comes with 8 heat settings, with 8 as the warmest.

Auto Shutoff Feature
Included with the settings is an auto shutoff feature that allows for 1 hour (1H), 2 hour (2H), and 10 hour (10H) duration sessions.

Easy to Wash

  1. Disconnect the power cords from the wall before detaching the control cord from the heated pad.
  2. Presoak the pad for 15 minutes in cold water with a mild soap.
  3. Wash using cold water and a mild soap on the gentle or delicate cycle in a washing machine for 2 minutes. Do not use bleach.
  4. Rinse in fresh, cold water.
  5. Spin the pad dry in the washing machine, then gently stretch it to its original size.
  6. Hang on a clothesline, without clothing pins, until completely dry.

Best Practices

  • Do not submerge the controllers in water.
  • Do not wash or place the power cords/any cords in water.
  • Do not dry clean as this may damage the wires.
  • Do not use bleach or cleaning fluids.
  • Do not use a wringer.
  • Do not iron the pad.
  • Do not use mothballs or spray of any kind.
  • Do not reconnect the heating pad or use until it is completely dry.

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