BodyMed® Exam Capes

BodyMed® Exam Capes

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Tear-Resistant Medical Capes

The BodyMed Disposable Exam Capes are made from a sturdy tissue blend that resists tearing while protecting against the spread of infections. These medical capes for adults are single-use, making them easy to dispose of after use. The BodyMed Disposable Exam Capes provide coverage and modesty when users need it most.

No Laundering Needed

The BodyMed Disposable Exam Capes are single-use, so users can discard them after each use without having to worry about laundering. These disposable capes are made with a durable blend of tissue material that is designed to resist tears and rips.

Case of 100 Capes
Stock up on these disposable medical capes from BodyMed, which are sold in cases of 100 for added convenience. The BodyMed Disposable Exam Capes are universally sized for adults, making them easy and convenient to use.

Available in 2 Color Options

  • White
  • Blue

Best-In-Value Products
For more than a decade, BodyMed has been providing healthcare professionals with reliable, affordable products for patient care and clinic operations. BodyMed is synonymous with quality and cost-effective utility, which is why you'll find BodyMed products in clinics across the country.

  • Cost-effective, reliable products
  • Designed for patient care & clinic operations
  • Ideal for healthcare professionals

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