BodyMed® Disposable Pillowcases

BodyMed® Disposable Pillowcases

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Soft, Yet Tear-Resistant

The BodyMed® Disposable Pillowcases give you everything you need in a disposable pillowcase and more. These single-use pillowcases are available in blue and white. They are designed to be strong and absorbent, guarding against spills and stains. Made using a soft, tear-resistant cotton/polyester blend, the BodyMed® Disposable Pillowcases form a moisture barrier for added comfort.

  • Absorbent, disposable pillowcases.
  • Guard against spills and stains, and aid in preventing the spread of infections.
  • Constructed with tissue and polyester.
  • Size: 21" x 30".
  • Color: White or Blue
  • Available in 100/case.

Strong & Durable
BodyMed® Disposable Pillowcases are single-use pillowcases that help to prevent cross-contamination. These comfortable, disposable pillowcases are made from a cotton/polyester blend, making them soft yet tear-resistant.

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BodyMed Disposable Pillowcases - Soft, tear-resistant cotton/polyester blend pillowcases
BodyMed Disposable Pillowcases - Protective
BodyMed Disposable Pillowcases - Comfort & Convenience
BodyMed Disposable Pillowcases - Durable

Comfortable for Users
These comfortable, tear-resistant pillowcases are ideal for facilities with multiple users throughout the day. The BodyMed® Disposable Pillowcases are single-use, so you can discard them after each user without having to worry about laundering.

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