Increase Hand & Forearm Strength

with BodyMed® Hand Therapy Putty

When it comes to rehabbing after a hand or forearm injury, BodyMed® Hand Therapy Putty is a versatile tool to incorporate into recovery. This non-stick, odorless putty is available in a variety of graduated consistencies for varying degrees of resistance. Simply grip, squish, and mold this putty to increase strength and circulation in the hands and forearms.

BodyMed Hand Therapy Putty
BodyMed Hand Therapy Putty

BodyMed® Hand Therapy Putty

Exercise the Hands Anytime, Anywhere

Take BodyMed® Hand Therapy Putty with you wherever you go for a simple and quick way to build strength in the hands or forearms post-injury. This medium-soft hand therapy putty is packaged in a resealable, airtight container to ensure continued use over time.

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BodyMed® Premium Hand Therapy Putty

Pliable, Soft Putty Perfect for All Ages

Restore hand and finger strength with BodyMed® Premium Hand Therapy Putty. This hand therapy putty has been used by medical professionals for years. It comes in a variety of colors and resistance levels, making it simple to track progress during rehabilitation.

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BodyMed Premium Hand Therapy Putty