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Support recovery from injuries or surgeries with high-quality braces and supports from BodyMed®. From CPM kits to arm slings, you can find peace of mind knowing that BodyMed products are made to last. Braces and supports from BodyMed are designed with comfort and stability in mind—helping to keep you moving each and every day.

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BodyMed Universal Arm Sling

BodyMed® Arm Sling

Stable, Comfortable Support During Recovery

The BodyMed® Arm Sling is designed to provide support and stability for arm, wrist, or hand injuries. Featuring a padded neck strap for optimal comfort, this durable arm sling is adjustable for wear by children and adults.

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BodyMed® Knee CPM Pad Kit

Proper Positioning During Physical Therapy

Count on the BodyMed® Knee CPM Pad Kit to ensure comfort and proper positioning during physical therapy for individuals recovering from knee and shoulder replacements. This support is designed to fit most continuous passive motion (CPM) machines, making it the versatile accessory you need to support range of motion.

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BodyMed Knee CPM Pad Kit