BodyMed® Shoulder Pulley

BodyMed® Shoulder Pulley

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Shoulder Rehab Wherever, Whenever

The BodyMed Shoulder Pulley allows you to improve motion in your injured shoulder at your own pace and intensity. This exercise pulley for physical therapy of your shoulder is a rehabilitation system that prepares your shoulder joint for motion and reinforces other shoulder treatments. You can use the BodyMed Shoulder Pulley while standing, sitting, or lying down. As your shoulder improves, the shoulder pulley can be shortened for extra tension.
  • Can be used to regain, maintain or increase shoulder motion
  • Used to help prepare the joint for mobilization, reduce pain and reinforce improvements achieved in the clinic
  • Can be used standing, sitting or lying down
  • As motion improves, pulley's rope can be shortened by tying nonslip knots at the appropriate length
  • Includes shoulder pulley, web strap door anchor, ergonomic handles, rope and illustrated manual with exercise guide

Shoulder Rehab Starts Now
The BodyMed Shoulder Pulley is a complete system for shoulder exercises after an injury.

High-Quality Shoulder Device
This shoulder pulley is not made with natural rubber latex and is constructed of solid metal coated with vinyl.

Easy to Use
This pulley for shoulder rehab includes an illustrated shoulder exercise guide that provides shoulder workouts to improve range of motion.

Durable & Reliable
The durable web strap and anchor pulley are built to withstand shoulder exercises at home or with a chiropractor or physical therapist in a commercial fitness or rehabilitation setting.

Why You Should Use a Shoulder Pulley
The best way to relieve discomfort in your shoulder is with movement. By using a pulley for shoulder rehab, like the BodyMed Shoulder Pulley, you can lubricate the shoulder joint, which can help with stiffness.

Simple, Effective Shoulder System
Braided rope with markings to measure progress and custom-molded handles for increased comfort. Pre-assembled and ready to use.

How to Use
The BodyMed Shoulder Pulley can be used with any standard door while sitting, standing, or lying down. The included instruction manual has step-by-step photos to guide you.

What is Included
The Body Sport Shoulder Pulley comes with a web strap, door anchor, ergonomic handles, tension rope, and an illustrated exercise guide.

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