BodyMed® Adult Incontinence Washcloths or Wipes
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BodyMed® Adult Incontinence Washcloths or Wipes

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Cleansing Comfort for Daily Use

Offer essential cleansing comfort with every wipe with BodyMed®’s Adult Washcloths. These pre-moistened sanitary wipes help cleanse, soothe, and moisturize the skin for daily use. Each soft pack bag with a snap lid contains 48 disposable wipes.

Hypoallergenic Support
These adult incontinence wipes are hypoallergenic and alcohol free to help reduce risk of irritation on sensitive skin.

Soft & Supple
Designed to help soothe and moisturize as well as clean, these personal wipes are formulated with vitamin E and aloe vera that may help skin stay soft and supple.

Disposable & Convenient
Each wipe is 8 in. x 12 in. (20.3 cm x 30.4 cm), and each package contains 48 disposable wipes.

Designed for One-Handed Use
For improved ease of use, these cleansing cloths are designed for one-handed use with the soft package and easy-open snap lid. Plus, the stay-fresh plastic seal is easy to pull and remove.

Easy to Use!
BodyMed Adult Washcloths are easy to use! Simply wipe the desired area with the cloth thoroughly, then dispose of the wipe in a trash can, not toilet. Easy!

A Gentle, Refreshing Clean for Everyone!
BodyMed Adult Washcloths are the ideal cleansing wipe for everyone! With their hypoallergenic, alcohol-free formula, these disposable cloths are gentle enough for babies as well as an adult incontinence aid. Feel fresh and clean after each use with BodyMed Adult Washcloths!

How to Use

  1. Open the plastic lid, and remove the plastic seal.
  2. Remove cleaning wipes from the package.
  3. Close the plastic lid on the package.
  4. Do not flush in toilet. Dispose in trash.


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