BodyMed® Massage Table Warmer
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BodyMed® Massage Table Warmer


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Full Table Warmth for Ultra Comfort! 

Experience deluxe comfort and warmth with the BodyMed Massage Table Warmer! Designed to fit the length and width of most massage tables, this 73" x 33.5" easy-to-use table warmer provides the best combination of comfort, relaxation, and affordability.

    Easy to Use
    Soft and durable, this electric table warmer features a sleek, easy-to-use controller for selecting the right heat setting plus an indicator light that will glow when a heat setting has been selected.

    Personalized Warmth
    Tailor each massage to the perfect temperature! The included controller features a slide switch to adjust the heat settings: 0 – Off; 1 – Low, Gentle Heat; 2 – Medium Heat; and 3 – High Heat.

    Easy to Clean
    Spot clean with warm water and a mild detergent, and pat dry. Do not machine wash or dry clean as liquid solvents can damage the warmer.

    ETL Certified
    Massages are about relaxation—not stress! Relax in blissful, warmth with this ETL certified table warmer, designed with your safety in mind.

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